Maintenance of chemical products - is "a license to work"

Moscow, 13 April 2012  

The round table on the theme: "Implementing a Global Product Strategy in Russia" took place at BASF Russian office. The meeting was organized by the Russian Chemists Union (RCU) and BASF as part of joint agreement to promote the concept of GPS in Russia. 
The meeting was attended by Dr. H. Mandery Director General of CEFIC, Sergey Andreev Director General of BASF, Igor Kukushkin Executive Director of RCU with the participation of Russian chemical and petrochemical companies, experts in the field of chemical safety, representatives of the authorities. 
The meeting was opened by Sergey Andreev, he noted that: «GPS sets global standards in product safety assessment. Public information about the format of the chemicals not only enhances the credibility of chemical companies, but will also help remove barriers to trade". 
Hubert Mandery in his report reflected the basic prerequisites for the development of GPS, global trends in the chemical industry and Cefic`  plans for the realization of the current “GPS-2020”. Dr. Mandery said: "The European chemical industry is developing on three pillars: security, sustainability and competitiveness". 
Dr. A. Hitschler, international expert of BASF, in her presentation she talked about the risk assessment mechanisms of chemical products and explained the concept and principles of management of Product Strategy in BASF. "We have developed a transparent format of important information about chemicals to all stakeholders, called “GPS Security Bulletins”. These data are published on the ICCA site and provide links to the BASF website”.  
During the meeting, participants had received detailed answers to their questions from the European representatives. 
In continuation of the dialogue on GPS Igor Kukushkin invited all interested persons to take part in an international conference “REACH: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Main trends of chemicals regulation in the EU and other countries worldwide”( Prague, 7-8 June 2012), where will be held a master class for the GPS specialists .   
Developing the concept of GPS in Russia, RCU  will create a chemical products characteristics database in Russian , which will be posted on the website of the Russian Chemists Union (